Where are my ordered patterns?

The moment you have completed payment via PayPal,you receive an email that contains download links. For the complete order process, please see below “How do I order a pattern?”.

Below you see such an email. Underneath each item you’ve ordered you see Download Link. If your pattern comes with several digital items, they will be numbered 1, 2 and so on. The actual link is the button in the favoritepatterns.com logo color. Click it and your download begins.


As an alternative you can download your items from your account, which has been automatically created during the checkout process (unless you uncheck the checkbox). You should now be logged in and see My Account in the header section:


When you click My Account you see an overview of all available downloads. So if you have missed the email, you can still see all downloadable items here.


If you decide to log out later and want to log in again, there’s a separate email with your login name and password. If you’ve lost the password, you can create a new one automatically. And if that fails, feel free to contact us.