How do I order a pattern?

On the homepage or a product category, or on an individual product page simply click Add to Cart and you’re taken right away to the Checkout. - Add to Cart


On the Checkout page you see a thumbnail image of the pattern you added please a reminder that you are not buying a finished garment but detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.

If you don’t want to check out yet, you could simply return to the homepage by clicking the logo in the header or choose something from the menu.


Filling out the checkout details

If you’re ready to check out, fill out the details that we need to send you the ordered item(s):

help-3-checkoutdetailsThe most important thing is that you provide a valid email address, since you will receive the the download link(s) to the ordered pattern(s) in an email after the order is complete.

Please note that automatically an account on is created for you upon ordering. This is so you can later login and check your order history, download the ordered items – in case you don’t want to download them directly from the order confirmation email.

Provide any additional information you like.

Review your order and apply a coupon (if you have one)

Before the order is complete, you may apply a coupon (if you have one):


Review your order one last time, so you’re sure you get what you want. Remember that because these are intangible, digitial items there are no refunds, so we want to make sure you receive the correct item(s).

help-5-revieworderWe ask you to confirm that you have read and that you do accept our terms and conditions. For your convenience the checkbox is already checked.

Proceed to PayPal to make the payment

With PayPal you have two possibilities: The first one is the most simple one and fastest. You simply log in to your PayPal account and pay directly from it:


If you don’t have a PayPal account you can create one using any popular credit card:


The available cards might vary depending on your country. PayPal will allow you to review the order. You then send it off by clicking the “Pay Now” button. You will instantly receive an email containing download links for the ordered items, please see the top of this page for more details and screenshots.